Rats head to Savannah!

This weekend a mischief of Rats will be heading down to Savannah, GA for the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Rugby Tournament!

Charles River Men at the Savannah tournament in 2012

The Charles River men are headed down to represent the green and orange in the south.  Fall saw a lot of growth for the men.  Just narrowly missing a playoff spot, they’ll be looking to come back hard this Spring.  With their growth in play and numbers, they aim to pick up where they left off, starting with a strong showing in Savannah!



The Missfits touring side at Saranac/CanAm tournament in 2013

A few Rat women will be shipping off to Savannah as well.  Erin Gillespie, Meg Murphy, Jehanne “JugGs” Junguenet, and Susan Lackey will be playing with the regular Lady Rats traveling side, the Missfits.  The Missfits players are a motley team from around New England.  They’ve had some success over the past few years, including making it to the bowl game and finishing 2nd overall at the Saranac/CanAm Tournament in 2013.


We all know that Charles River loves a good tournament weekend, so there will definitely be some great rugby on the pitch and even greater shenanigans off of it!

Good luck to all the Rats in Georgia.  Can’t wait to hear those stories and add them to the Kangaroo court list.