Welcome to the 2016 Charles River E-board!

The men and women of Charles River RFC gathered at the Green Briar Pub this December for our AGM

This past Saturday we celebrated the great work of our outgoing e-board and rang in the elections of next year’s leaders at our Annual General Meeting.   2015 was a great year for the club and 2016 is looking bright already!

So, without further ado, we present to you, your 2016 Charles River Rugby Football Club Executive Board Rats


Fundraising: Maria Sedjo
Webmaster: Jehanne “Juggs” Junguenet


President: Alex “Z” Zadel
VP: Ruthie Lewis
Treasurer: Meredith Humphrey
Recruiting: Melissa Dunn
Social: Becca Nashett
Match: Steph Wooler
Fields: Sarah “Easy Mac” MacKenzie
Ombudsman: Susan “Sugar” Lackey
Old Girls: Anne “Wales” Beaumont
Captains: Alicia Scahill, Julie “Traut” Trautwein


President: Chris Gardner
VP: Pat Cavallario
Treasurer: Dylan Lurvey
Recruiting: Axl Querengasser
Social: Jerry Kenneally
Match: Adam Smith
Fields: Brandon Bennett
Ombudsman: Ellis Patrick
Old Boys: Bruce French
Captains: Corey Lang, Dan Lewis


Katy Wilks*
Dave Halbert* 
Jen Garner
Mike Fair
Lisa Natalicchio

*elected this year