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Welcome to the Charles River Women’s+ Rugby Football Club

Charles River Women's Team

CRWRFC was formed in 2005 when some wily Northeastern University alumnae sought an alternative to the available women’s+ rugby options in Boston. Our Rat foremothers, driven to display both rugby skill and social prowess, collected like-minded ladies from near and far to assemble Charles River Women’s+ RFC, the sister team to the Charles River Rugby Football Club established in 1973.


In 2007, in just our second year of competition, the Women’s+ Rats finished their fall competitive season on top of DIII with an undefeated record.  As our skill and numbers grew, we finished on top of DIII again in 2011, then moved up to DII in the fall of 2012.


Charles River Rugby Women 2015As we built a strong DII side in the New England Rugby Football Union, we advanced to our first playoffs in 2014 and built on that strength to finish 2nd in NERFU and top 16 in USA Rugby DII in 2015.



In the ‘lost year’ of 2020, 15th anniversary came and went tragically partyless.  We look forward to correcting that.  Nevertheless, we are incredibly proud of our first decade and a half of play, from scrappy start-up to standout success.

Now into our second decade, we’re continuing our commitment to great rugby and great community.

CRWRFC team picture 2019

We invite all skill levels and experiences to come join Charles River Women.

Please contact us if you’re interested in playing!


Interested in becoming a Rat??

Contact Kylie Bartram, our friendly Recruiting Chair!


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    Women's Team Leadership

    Charles river crest on a light blue and green background

    Anika 'Onyx' B

    Women's Social Secretary
    Beck Schubert action shot

    Beck Schubert

    Women's Recruiting Secretary
    Charles river crest on a light blue and green background

    Caitlin D'Amore

    Women's+ Treasurer

    Catherine 'Cake' King

    Women's+ Vice President
    Catt Gladstone headshot

    Catt Gladstone

    Women's Field Secretary

    Katie Kennedy

    Women's Vice President
    Lauryn Zaimes Headshot

    Lauryn Zaimes

    Women's+ President

    Michelle Chambers

    Women's+ Backs Captain
    Charles river crest on a light blue and green background

    Nikki Goodwin

    Women's+ Forwards Captain

    Sarah Speroff

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