Club Leadership


Alicia Scahilll

Alicia Scahill

Old Girls Liaison

Brendan Nichols

Men's Match Secretary

Catherine 'Cake' King

Fundraising Chair

Charles Nastasi

Men's Vice President

Cormac Hughes

Men's Vice Captain

Cormac Hughes

Men's Treasurer

Dani Marini

Women's President

Darien Hubert

Women's Match Secretary

Devin Doherty


Eileen Siegel

Women's Treasurer

Gail Lavorgna


Ian Willse

Men's President

Janean Curtis

Women's Backs Captain

Justin Stoll

Sponsorship Chair

Katie Kennedy

Women's Vice President

Matt Hugo

Men's Field Secretary

Meg Murphy

Women's Forwards Captain

Michelle Chambers

Women's Recruiting Sec

Mitch Sopp

Men's Social Secretary

Mykala Dimond

Women's Field Secretary

Pat Stefanski

Men's Recruiting Secretary

Roxy James

Women's Social Secretary

Tom Murray

Men's Captain

Zack Cox


Zack Cox

Old Boys Liason

Board of Directors

The Board is the legal controlling body of the Club but will leave day-to-day management of the Club to the E-Boards. They are responsible for all tax, corporate, and other legal filings. They shall set the long-term goals of the club and delineate those goals in 3- or 5-year plan reports. They shall also serve in an advisory role and will have final approval over the Club’s yearly budgets.

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