Every year at the annual Charles River Rugby awards celebration and banquet, we recognize outstanding players for their contributions on and off the rugby pitch.

    The Dennis J. Sullivan award shall be presented to the player who most embodies the qualities of hard play, fairness, leadership, and dedication to the Club and the game demonstrated by the late Dennis Sullivan. More than any other player in the Club’s history Dennis Sullivan exemplified the true spirit of Charles River Rugby. An intense and dedicated player on the field, Sully was also a team player off the field. His personality, his love of the game, and spirit are lasting memories for those who played beside him and should serve as an inspiration for all Club members. The Dennis J. Sullivan Award was inaugurated at the 1982 Awards Banquet to recognize the player who best exemplifies the qualities exhibited by the late Dennis Sullivan: team spirit, dedication, and love of the sport.Teammate Testimony regarding Dennis Sullivan:

    “Dennis Sullivan was a model for Charles River Rugby. He played #8 with skill, desire and toughness at a time when the Rats were a new team at the very beginning of our push into first-division play. Dennis was an absolute leader in every respect, utterly fearless and eager to mix it up and triumph against the big boys of New England rugby. His commitment to rugby and the Rats was absolute. He once left in the middle of a wedding reception, played the A game, washed off in a puddle, threw the tux back on and zipped back to the reception–his spouse was not overjoyed but here was a rugger who had his priorities arranged properly. He was at the beginning of his legal career and had a new baby when a tragic accident took him away. The reason this award is named for him is not just because of the ways we lost him, but really because his toughness, commitment and passion for the game epitomizes what the Charles River Rats are all about.”

    Inaugurated in 1985, this award goes to the player who has proved to be the most valuable player to the Club on the pitch.

    This award, inaugurated in 1982, is awarded to the player who’s play, in the opinion of the Club, has improved the most during the preceding year. Consideration should be given to all players who strive for excellence, and voters should give consideration to the effort as well as the accomplishments of the player.

    This award inaugurated in 1985, is presented to the River Rat OLD BOY who has made the greatest contribution to the Club in the preceding year.

    The Orange Whip award, inaugurated in 2005, is presented to B-side player who exhibited the most devotion and enthusiasm on and off the pitch.

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    Tab 1

    The Dennis J. Sullivan Award – 2017 Recipient: Corey Lang

    Most Valuable Player  – 2017 Recipient: Zach Mehuren

    Most Improved Player Award – 2017 Recipient: Nick Prieston

    Old Man River Award – 2017 Recipient: Dave McVey

    Orange Whip – 2017 Recipient: Jake Cox

    Tab 2

    The Dennis J. Sullivan Award – 2016 Recipient: Ellis Patrick

    Most Valuable Player  – 2016 Recipient: Tom Murray

    Most Improved Player Award – 2016 Recipient: Mitchell Sopp

    Old Man River Award – 2016 Recipient: Mark McCabe

    Orange Whip – 2016 Recipient: Nick Prieston

    Tab 3

    The Dennis J. Sullivan Award – 2015 Recipient: Corey Lang

    Most Valuable Player  – 2015 Recipient: Jerry Kenneally

    Most Improved Player Award – 2015 Recipient: Devin Doherty

    Old Man River Award – 2015 Recipient: Ricky Friberg

    Orange Whip – 2015 Recipient: Ryan Morris

    Tab 4

    The Dennis J. Sullivan Award – 2012 Recipient: Richard Friberg

    Most Valuable Player  – 2012 Recipient: Jerry Kenneally

    Most Improved Player Award – 2012 Recipient: Wes Page

    Old Man River Award – 2012 Recipient: Stuart Dunster

    Orange Whip – 2012 Recipient: Alex ‘Ox’ Tolivaisa

    Tab 5

    The Dennis J. Sullivan Award – 2011 Recipient: Adam Catarius

    Most Valuable Player  – 2011 Recipient: Ricky Friberg

    Most Improved Player Award – 2011 Recipient: Nate Dias

    Old Man River Award – 2011 Recipient: Mike Fair

    Orange Whip – 2011 Recipient: Nate Dias

    Tab 6

    The Dennis J. Sullivan Award – 2010 Recipient: Dave McVey

    Most Valuable Player  – 2010 Recipient: Adam Catarius

    Most Improved Player Award – 2010 Recipient: Wes Page

    Old Man River Award – 2010 Recipient: Charles Mbaya

    Orange Whip – 2010 Recipient: Wes Page

    Tab 7

    The Dennis J. Sullivan Award – 2009 Recipient: Andy Dolan

    Most Valuable Player  – 2009 Recipient: Dan Lewis

    Most Improved Player Award – 2009 Recipient: Justin Dominguez

    Old Man River Award – 2009 Recipient: Harry Chaveriat

    Orange Whip – 2009 Recipient: Grayson Sack

    Tab 8

    The Dennis J. Sullivan Award – 2008 Recipient: Michael Fair

    Most Valuable Player  – 2008 Recipient: Derek Morin

    Most Improved Player Award – 2008 Recipient: Dan Lewis

    Old Man River Award – 2008 Recipient: Fergal Hehir

    Orange Whip – 2008 Recipient: Grayson Sack

    Tab 9

    The Dennis J. Sullivan Award – 2007 Recipient: Scott Wiech

    Most Valuable Player  – 2007 Recipient: Aresnio DiBenedetto

    Most Improved Player Award – 2007 Recipient: John O’Keefe

    Old Man River Award – 2007 Recipient: Fergal Hehir

    Orange Whip – 2007 Recipient: Chris Isherwood

    Tab 10

    The Dennis J. Sullivan Award – 2006 Recipient: Neil J. Foley

    Most Valuable Player  – 2006 Recipient: Charles Mbaya

    Most Improved Player Award – 2006 Recipient: Derek Morin

    Old Man River Award – 2006 Recipient: Hal Baker

    Orange Whip – 2006 Recipient: Jason Lachapelle