Charles River Savannah Takeover 2016 a success!

This past weekend, the Charles River men’s team and a few of the Lady Rats traveled down to Savannah, GA for the 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Savannah rugby tournament!

The tournament was a large one, with over 70 teams competing throughout the weekend.   CR_Men_TeamPhoto-Savannah

The Charles River men came out on the plus side of their weekend, finishing 2-1 in their bracket.   The Rats got out to an early lead in their first match on Saturday, but Augusta Rugby came back take the game.   However, after that, CR couldn’t be stopped.  In their second match of the day, they brought out the heart and ended up with the W and 1-1 for the day.

The men came back out for an 8:30 am kickoff on Sunday (always an early start after a tournament Saturday night) with guns blazing.  The Rats capped off their weekend with a 25-0 win over North Penn to finish in the black at 2-1 on the weekend.

The men played well together, and if this is a sign of things to come, the River boys will be a force to watch out for this Spring.


Lady Rats Susan Lackey, Jehanne “JugGs” Junguenet, and Erin Gillespie also headed down for the weekend to join up with the traveling side of the MissFits, a motley women’s side of players from various teams around the Northeast.  In their first southern tour, the MissFits faced tough play from some solid clubs outside their usual territory.

CR_Women_MissFits_Team_SavannahThe MissFits started off with a bang against the Asheville Women’s Rugby club, coming out on top in their first match of the tournament, 32-0.  Lady Rats JugGs and Susan both notched a try in the game.

The next game saw some stiffer competition from DI team Raleigh Venom.  A solid backline and some big forwards on the Raleigh side kept the MissFits off the scoreboard to take the win, but the blue and yellow ladies played well to end the day at 1-1.

The MissFits came out to play hard and finish with glory for their final match on Sunday against another motley side, the Mutts.   JugGs started off what would be a back and forth nail-biter with a try early in the match.  The ladies fought strong and strung together really some nice rugby, scoring a try on the final play of the game, but came up just short 22-17.  They finished 1-2 in great spirits after a fun travel tournament to lead into the Spring season at home.



CR_Men_WarehouseBarThe tournament was a great social success for the Rats as always!  After some hard rugby each day, Charles River painted the town green and orange and had a blast of a tournament.   Now it’s time to focus back on NERFU play and look forward to a great Spring season in New England.

Up River.