April 7th CRWRFC Match Recap

The Lady Rats traveled to Manchester, NH this past Saturday to face off against our friendly rivals Amoskeag,

in a well-fought match that ultimately ended in a loss. It was cold but bright out— yours truly got her first sunburn of 2018— and although we lost, it was still a great game. Coach Maggie was impressed with the team’s intensity, saying that “it was a great day of rugby,” and had us looking forward to meeting Amoskeag again in the fall!

At Amoskeag’s request, we played the match in quarters of twenty minutes, so there were many opportunities to switch out players so everyone in attendance got to play. The final score was 21-24. Sarah “Bee” Wetherbee, Ashleigh Gillman, and Natalie Ferrari each scored a try. PK successfully converted all three tries.

The Charles River bitches of the pitch were Sarah “Bee” Wetherbee, Natalie Ferrari (who also shot the boot after scoring her first try), and Caleigh “Cake” King.