Rat Announcements – Fall 2014


  • Katy Wilks and Sarah (Bee) Wetherbee,  Halloween 2014
  • Mike Fair and Sarah Gath, New Years Eve 2014
  • Dana Gulick and Marty McGreevy, October 2014


  • Marriage of Alicia Evangelista and Sarah Baldwin 11/08/14
  • Marriage of Katie McCarthy and Tom Hamann in Costa Rica on 11/26/14

Future Rats

  • Chrissy Andronico and Francis Coelho welcomed baby Stevan Edward Coelho on 11/13/14
  • Sean “D-bar” & Christy DiBartolo welcomed Julia Grace DiBartolo on 12/11/14
  • Jake “Jake-o” and Kelly Powell welcomed Ryder William Powell on 12/4/14