7 Rugby Sites We Love

Charles River loves rugby…and we love internet-ing about it

As rugby grows here in the US, getting our rugby news fix isn’t always the easiest.  But there are a lot of great rugby sites out there that keep us up to date on all the rugby goings on, here at home and beyond.  This list isn’t in any particular order, just passing along the good work of those in the rugger media that keep us in the know!

1. Your Scrumhalf Connection

If you want to know what’s happening in women’s rugby this is a top site to visit.  While coverage of rugby here in the US grows, Your Scrumhalf Connection is making sure the women’s game gets its due.  In addition to reporting on the game, they support teams and organizations by posting coach searches and important news from clubs across the country.  From updates on the Women’s Premiere League to Club to National teams, YSC knows #herrugbycounts and keeps it covered at all levels.

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2. This Is American Rugby

We love our USA Eagles and This Is American Rugby helps keep us in the know about what’s happening with the US National teams.  With video content and informative articles, TIAR lives up to their slogan of “Covering the Eagles…at home and abroad”.  They also have great connection to regional rugby in the US with sub-sites such as This Is Ohio Rugby, keeping up with the game as it grows across the country.

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3. Rugby Today

It’s hard to find a more all-encompassing site for rugby coverage in America than Rugby Today.  With high school, college, senior, club, elite level, and 7s all having their own sections, you can be sure to look for US rugby news here.  What’s great is they also have a lot of involvement from volunteer and fan posters, a further reach to get the most rugby news possible.  You can even play Fantasy Rugby!

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4. Scrum Queens

There’s some great #wrugby growing right here at home, but the international game is seeing exciting growth as well!  Scrum Queens is where we can get our fix on what’s happening in women’s rugby beyond our borders.  With a heavy focus on  the National team level, predominantly in Europe, Scrum Queens keeps us posted on what other countries have going, from the Women’s Rugby World Cup to the 7s World Series.  They also cover some professional women’s rugby in Europe, which is awesome to watch as we look into the future of club level rugby as it gains its feet here in the US.

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5. The Rugby Blog

We just can’t get enough of American rugby, but we don’t stop there.  With how advanced rugby is in other countries, there’s a lot to keep up with, between professional club leagues and other National teams.   The Rugby Blog is a great place to stay on top of news of what’s happening outside the US, and they keep it interesting, too.  The writing is fun and informative, and often interactive.  While our game grows, it’s exciting and fun to keeps tabs on all the action internationally, and TRB is one of our top hits.

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6. Goff Rugby Report

As we all know, rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, outpacing other long standing American sports.  The Goff Rugby Report does a great job of covering it at the younger levels of high school and college where the future of the sport in the US can really be seen.  It also does a great job of giving both the men’s and women’s games at those levels pretty even coverage, as well as the national teams, which we love!

Goff Rugby Report


7. Rugby Tonight

While this isn’t a blog, we added it because we’re jealous that this show is not on our TVs here in the US.  Rugby Tonight is a British series covering action in the Aviva Premiereship and national team rugby in the UK.  The masterclass videos are especially awesome, with greats like Brian O’Driscoll and Peter Stringer discussing the tricks of their trade.  Oh and we’re jealous of every team that gets to be in these demos.   Hey, Brian O’, can we come play on that fancy studio field with you??

Rugby Tonight playlist