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Phil Adams


Genevieve Beninati

Genevieve fell in love with rugby in 2006 during her freshman year at SUNY Geneseo where she had the honor of captaining the team to a D2 Championship in her senior year. At the annual CanAm (Saranac) rugby tournament the summer before her senior year she was introduced to Charles River and from that moment on there wasn't ... More

Zack Cox


Alec “Ox”Tolivaisa


Jen Garner

I look great in a v-neck tee. Just sayin'. More

Richard Friberg

He was fortunate to have excellent coaching and teammates and was one of three UNH players selected to represent the Collegiate Northeast All-Star Team at the National All-Star weekend in Boulder, Colorado in 2004.  Following that experience, Ricky retired from rugby to focus on developing his professional career as a ... More

Whitney McCoy

Don't ask me, ask my chinchilla. More