River vs North Shore March 31, 2012

Season Opener

An explosive Charles River Women’s Rugby Football Club has catapulted to 2-0 on its young spring season, toppling rival North Shore (MA) 15-0 and Division II opponent Seacoast (NH) 48-25.  Last Saturday at GEAA Field in unforgettable Lynn, Massachusetts, a fresh River squad battled handily with a recently bolstered Typhoon team, both sides contesting for the lead in the first half.  Charles River would strike first, on an outside try by wing Katy Wilks.  It would be all the Lady Rats needed to earn their first victory, though they would add two more in the second half, with Katy Wilks adding another, and Captain Amanda Martin taking the third.  A steady Rat Pack held a bigger North Shore scrum, limiting advanced through the middle.  Veteran Kara McAuliffe led the tackling charge for the Rats, breaking effortlessly from set pieces, providing unrelenting pressure.  The lock team of Anne “Wales” Beaumont and Jessica Packard, making her Rat Pack debut, shone throughout the match in loose play.  The well-conditioned Rats, not losing a step through the entirety of the match, wore North Shore with strong ball movement and forward-back transition.  Twice the home Typhoons threatened second half scores, and twice the stalwart Rats denied them.  The score would stand 15-0.  River team captains Jehanne Junguenet recognized Katy Wilks and Kara McAuliffe as game MVPs.  North Shore recognized scrumhalf Susan Lackey, for her aggressive play and the smooth ball transition that moved Charles River quickly out to open space.

In B-side action, Charles River again overmatched North Shore.  Fresh faces powered a resplendent Lady Rat second squad; the match featured inaugural tries for newcomers Karen Smith (prop) and Colleen McManus (wing), among others.  A veteran, though jumbled, Charles River pack enjoyed success up front, while River’s backs continued flourish, punching through the North Shore line.  The Lady Rat captains honored the noteworthy play of Molly Desmond (back) and Jen Garner (forward), who led the way to the second of two very successful efforts for Charles River on the afternoon.