Rat Announcements Spring 2017

Rat Announcements




Old Girl Caitlin “Swak” Sawicki and fiancé Eric Thornley got engaged on January 8, 2017

• Julie “Traut” Trautwein and Jeffery Mandra

• Dana Etherington engaged to Dana Victoria

• Dan Lewis engaged to Elizabeth Catherine

• Brandon Lee engaged to Sara Kelly

• Alex “Z” Zadel and Melissa DeRosa

• Old Girls Jessica Packard and Kaitlyn Adams

• Old Girl Rachel Gaines and Ryan Hunt

• Old Girls Jamie Carillo and Genevieve Beninati

• Old Girl Caitlin Swak and Eric Thornley

• Old Girl Karen Smith and Reikirev Watts

• Old Girl Shay Tierney and Jenny von Rosen

• Old Girl Shannon Brooks and Chris Ellis




Sarah and Katy Wetherbee tied the knot surrounded by Rats on September 10, 2016

• Sarah “Bee” Wetherbee and Katy “Wilks” Wetherbee married Sept 2016

• Old girl Anna Shrekenger and Dan Cross-Call July 2016

• Old girl Amanda “A-Rod” and Merissa Anastasia October 2016

• Old girlJenni “Houde and Barry Cashman October 2016

• Men’s Coach John Faherty and Jeana Faherty




Jenn “JVK” Thibodeau and her family welcomed their newest member of their family, Karlee, on December 26, 2016.

• Old Girls’ Liaison Anne “Wales” Beaumont and Old Girl Cassie Cox welcomed baby Griffin on March 7 2017

• Old Boy Chris Theile and Akiko Doi welcomed their son Kenji on November 18 2016

• Ellis and Tanya Patrick welcomed their son Lucas on November 23 2016

• Old Girl Deirdre Murphy Tilton and Myles Tilton welcomed baby Tommy

• Old Girl Liz Isabelle and Greg Berck welcomed baby Sophia in September 2016

• Old girls Lisa”Natty” Schmidt and Alex Schmidt welcomed baby William in June 2016

• Old girl JVK and Jay Thibodeau welcomed baby Karlee to the world in December 2016

• Kathryn “Mccarthy” Hamann and Tom Hamann welcomed baby Adelia in August 2016