Charles River to “Light It Up Blue” on April 2!

CRWRFC kicks off their Spring season with recognition of World Autism Awareness Day

The Lady Rats will be taking on Amoskeag Women in their first match of the Spring season this Saturday, April 2nd in Manchester, NH.

April 2nd marks World Autism Awareness Day, which seeks to increase and develop world knowledge of the autism epidemic and impart information regarding the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention. The day also celebrates persons with autism and the communities that support them.

To celebrate World Autism Awareness Day, both clubs will be wearing blue for the day in solidarity.   Rugby is a sport that is not just about the game, but about the community we all share that is bigger than the sport itself.  We are excited to have Amoskeag join us in celebrating this day!

This event also supports the work of one of our very own Lady Rats, Kate “PK” Condon, who is currently working to raise awareness for children with development disabilities in Uganda through her organization embraceKulture.   Please read PK’s message below to learn more about their work and the mission of embraceKulture.

To donate to their efforts and help support this phenomenal organization, click below.

Donate to embraceKulture



Uganda is growing and developing every day, but children with intellectual disabilities remain the most vulnerable. In the streets they are called “kasiru,” meaning stupid person. Their culture has labeled them a curse, a burden. Their families often hide or lock them away. They are five times more likely to face abuse. Only adding to the stigma that they are unable, 94% of children with disabilities will not complete a primary education because of an undeveloped special education system.

EmbraceKulture is working to ensure all children are embraced and accepted for what makes them unique. We are building systems for quality education for children with development disabilities, including autism, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. We focus on education because it is the key to building an inclusive world.

embraceKulture focuses on improving the quality of education for children with cognitive disabilities.  We provide a systematic solution for teacher training, personalized education, resource development and vocational programs to ensure children have the education and tools they need to realize their full potential and grow into thriving members of their family and of their community.

By training teachers, we are able to empower them to make change within their own culture to help students to be able to be in school and learn. By organizing vocational trainings, we will be able to teach students the skills they need to create an income. By doing community outreach, we will be able to see help families understand that disability is no inability. Through research, we can continue to improve our understanding of the cultural views on disability so that in our implementation of the above, we are culturally sensitive and not just imposing our beliefs.