Charles River Rugby Partners with Ruck Science

Rats sign official nutrition supplier for upcoming season

This week, the Rats have agreed to a new corporate partnership which will give us an official nutrition supplier for the upcoming season and beyond. But before we talk about our newest partners, we’d like to take a moment to thank our current ones again, and loudly!

But no more stalling, our newest corporate partner is the performance nutrition company, Ruck Science. Unlike most companies that sell nutritional supplements for all purposes and to all people, Ruck Science makes supplements exclusively for rugby players.  When you make a purchase on you’ll be asked to enter the name of your Rugby Club during the checkout process. Please ensure that (at least the first time) you enter “Charles River Rats” so that their sponsorship team knows where to send your donation. For every purchase, up to 20% of the value of your order will be donated straight to the Rats to be used for things like club events, bus trips and new gear for our players.

They have all your favorite supplements, including whey protein stacks, pre-workout and BCAA capsules. Or you can shop by training objective with supplement stacks for different times during the rugby season:

Many of you may know that the club has been looking for an official nutrition supplier for some time now. With so many of our players using these products, the management team felt that it was important to track down a supplement provider whose products we could rely on and recommend to our players and supporters. Ruck Science provides batch testing results upon request, just email their customer service team here. They also have received independent 3rd party endorsement that their products don’t contain any ingredients that appear on the W.A.D.A banned substances list, meaning that they can be used anytime without the risk of failing a drug test.

The Rats’ partnership with Ruck Science isn’t exclusive. So please don’t feel any obligation to use them if you have a current brand that you’re really committed to. But do please take a look at their range of supplements to see if changing brands would be a possibility. Especially if there are products on their website that you’re already using. Don’t feel any obligation to start using supplements if you haven’t done that before.

Getting started with Ruck Science

A couple things to keep in mind if you want to try out Ruck Science and compare them to your current supplement manufacturer:

  1. Sign up for Rucks (their rewards program) and you’ll get $20 to spend before your first purchase.

  2. Use these coupon codes for big discounts on your first purchases:

  3. Make sure you list the “Charles River Rats” as your rugby club during the checkout process so they know where to send the donations!

For more information on Ruck Science, check them out below

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