Charles River Announces New Sponsorship with GoPlay Tours

Charles River Rugby is extremely pleased to announced our newest sponsorship partner with, GoPlay Tours, a division of ACIS, beginning with the 2017 spring season.

GoPlay Sports Tours helps coaches, players and fans experience the sports they love on an international scale. They take teams, players, coaches and referees all over the world to help them train, develop and grow.

As a division of ACIS Educational Tours, GoPlay Tours has the infrastructure and relationships of a travel agency that operates over 15,000 individual tours every year. They handle all the logistics, insurance, and financial details so coaches and players can focus on sports.

“GoPlay Tours is committed to building its brand via engagement with dynamic, forward-thinking organizations.” said Business Development Manager Marc Amigone, “As the only Boston-based rugby club with both men’s and women’s sides, Charles River is uniquely positioned to be effective brand ambassadors for the company. We look forward to helping them build on the club’s over 40-year legacy; and as they take rugby’s message of teamwork, inclusivity, and community to new frontiers.”

“We are excited and proud to have GoPlay Tours onboard as a corporate sponsor for Charles River,” said Alex Zadel, Charles River Women’s President. “Whenever you have a company that wants to affiliate its brand with your club it serves as a testament to both the value of what has been built and also the faith that members of the business community have that they will be well-represented on and off the field. We look forward to marking this as the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

We are thrilled for this new partnership and the growth potential for both parties.

For more information on GoPlay Tours, check them out online: